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Monday, 28 September 2015

Nearly Done - Starter for 10GHz


The final parts have fallen into place today. Firstly I have adjusted the HB100 from the ARRL $25 10GHz signal generator I mentioned last time to be as close to 10.368 GHz as possible using the LNB range extender for the Spectrum Analyser (also from last time).

The metal case contains a grub like screw underneath a QC sticker. Here you can see the device with the QC sticker removed. As luck would have it the trimmer for the coils in the transverters fits perfectly - you just turn the screw to adjust the frequency:

The other thing I have done is construct an interface box for the FT-817 to:
  • Putting the 3cm transverter into TX by sending DC up the IF coax;
  • Providing a AFSK digital mode interface from my laptop;
  • Giving a CW keyboard capability.
Here's the schematic:

Please note that the 'DC up the coax' bits are entirely stolen from here:

The actual device looks like this:

and it interfaces to the FT-817 through the two rear sockets for ACC and PKT.

So all in all I think I now have a CW, SSB and digital mode capability on 10 GHz.

Local conditions.

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