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Wednesday, 2 November 2011

So, How can it possibly go wrong?

Over the weekend I got some bits together to try and lower the main HF antenna; I am going to try this rather than climb on to the roof. My problem is that the rotator has stopped rotating and the antenna is, rather inconveniently, pointing permanently North/South.

The basic idea is to extend the pole down to ground level and install a tilt mechanism with a suitable line and pulley so I can remove the pole from the T&K brackets and gently tilt it over into the back garden. Here you can see the T&K brackets and the newly installed pulley (instead of pulley, bailing twine and knot read weak point):

This is the bottom of the now extended pole which has the tilt mechanism on it:

This shows the cord that I'm hoping will hold it all when I remove the brackets (yes, it's bailing twine):

The top of the rope is attached to the mast using a clamp and one of these knots:

So, the plan is to remove the U bolts holding the pole to the T&K brackets and then slowley tilt it over until it's accessible from the back garden.

Damn cats asleep on my favourite jumper:

How can anything possibly go wrong?