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Friday, 6 May 2016

IC-7300 - the first Casualty?


You will remember last time that I came home with a new IC-7300. I've played with it quite a bit and it seemed to be an excellent radio with very good close in signal rejection on receive.

Yesterday I was using the radio on WSJT and noticed that even though the power output was set at 40% and the audio drive levels set such that the output power was 25W, when the radio entered TX the PO meter shot up to 100%, then almost immediately back to 0% and then crept up over 3-4 seconds to the 25% it should be at. This was looking like the worst ALC overshoot I had ever seen - I wondered if this was something to do with the new firmware upgrade.

Anyhow, a few minutes later the radio started to "re-boot" on entering TX. I checked all the obvious things like PSU voltage and SWR et cetera, then I simplified the setup.

I have a very simple PC based audio tone generator so I set that up to generate a 1200Hz tone on the USB audio device from the IC-7300, then when I put the radio into PTT using either a CAT command or the mic PTT the radio "re-boots".

Here's a video showing this:

So, the radio has gone back to Icom....

Here's Bonnie Dog and Miss Luna Cat who appear to be the very best of friends:

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  1. Very interesting story on the 7300 which is a complex machine with all that firmware doing a lot of things at once. Hopefully, your issue was hardware. Keep us posted. 73, Bernie

  2. It's gone back to Icom so we will see....

  3. Maybe the term "reboot" will be normal with new rafios. The flex and ele raft prople need software patches now and then

  4. VE3VC has a 7300. I was very impressed with the touch screen and the easy to use menu system. This radio will cause a discontinuity in my view due to the price point.

    73, Bernie

  5. Is the 7300 back from Icom?

    Bernie, VE3FWF

  6. If I set to 62% will see 79watts out on rare occurrence on LP100A

    If I watch on RF Scope, I see an occasional overshoot over the nom
    setting at 50%, but need to see if this is really the case.

    I have reservations about on the internal meter on IC-7300

    A friend had his LDMOS Amp pre driver die while using his IC-7300,
    but not sure if it was due to the IC-7300, RF into ALC, needs more

  7. Suggest you use FT-240-31 or Mix 31 Cores ( 5-6 turns) on all Cable Ports
    for the Re-Boot Issue.

  8. Also, if DC plug/pins is not snug, a sudden voltage drop could causing a Re-Boot

  9. I wonder how problem solved? The rebooting was a malfunction or due to excess rf? Please tell us 73

    1. Malfunction - replacement radio from Icom.