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Sunday, 15 May 2016

Frequency Reference


Been thinking for a while that my shack frequency reference is a bit old hat and could be a bit more useful. What I would really like is a GPS disciplined VFO so I can set the frequency for my needs rather than only having 10MHz, 5MHz and 1MHz outputs as I do from the old project here:

So I have started to look at the possibility of using a newer device like the Si351A from Silicon Labs.

The first part of the project will be a new GPS receiver to give us the 1pps signal we need for the frequency control. I found a really neat kit at QRP Labs

I've built the kit today and it looks like this:

Mine has been built to utilise an external active GPS antenna.

The output from the 1pps looks like this on the 'scope:

So all seems well with the first phase.

More to follow!

Here's our Pepper Cat who has been almost completely in the way most of today:

Local conditions. Good egh?

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