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Sunday, 13 January 2019

FT-990 CAT Interface


Very much in line with what I did back here; I have today knocked together a PC interface for my FT-990 with its new control board from here.

I've included a audio interface and RTS driven PTT just for good measure - I don't think for a minute I'll use it though.

The construction is very simple on veroboard, and it allows me to read the transceiver frequency automatically from Logger32.

Here's Miss Pepper Cat and Miss Florrie Cat doing what they do best:

Friday, 11 January 2019

A collection of FT990s - A gaggle?


I've had an old Yaesu FT-990 for quite a while; its a delightful analogue radio with very few modern bells and whistles.

Now, I've previously opened up and admitted I suffer with TEAS; I suspect the diagnosis may be wrong and actually it's GAS that I have got (Gear Acquisition Syndrome) it seems to be more far reaching that just test equipment.

I've got myself another FT-990.

There is some logic behind this madness, the ROM version in mine was 1.2 and that doesn't allow CAT control from my logging software. The second radio I have is at version 1.3 which does.

This is the inside of the new rig, which is extremely clean and tidy.

It has two filters fitted, one is an Inrad SSB filter and the second is the wider 500Hz CW filter.

The image below is the "control board" and this contains the CPU and ROM with the software version:

So, all I have done is simply swap these boards between the two radios. I also notice that the one I use on the bench is much dirtier inside. The case on the latest acquisition is a little scruffier so I guess we will stick as we are. I also notice my existing rig has this modification at the back. It's clearly switching am RF path, bit I haven't tried to figure out which one or what it does. There's a relay on the underside of the bit of veroboard and it is doing something under certain unknown conditions. I need to investigate further.

Anyone know what that mod might be?

I'd also be interested in anyone who wants a FT-990 V1.2 ROM fully working. It's only going to gather dust here.

Local conditions.

Saturday, 5 January 2019

TS-890 and Data Mode Configuration


Following my video last time, I have been asked by a few folk to do some more. Here is a video on Digital Mode configuration for the rig:

and another one with a few more bits 'n' bobs: