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Friday, 2 January 2015

It's funny what you find


I happened upon a FLEX-5000A today, reportedly been subject to some kind of static/lightning strike.

It powers up OK (by that I mean the front panel blue LED comes on), but the unit isn't detected by the PC via the Firewire port.

As you can see I have lifted the covers, and this looks highly suspect to me:

Most particularly the bit I have circled here:

There is very obviously a wire cut. The ATU is actually a LDG AT-200 and it looks like a bit of a bodge to fit them in the Flex 5000. On the PCB there is a template for a 9-pin D-Type connector but that has this ribbon cable attached and it is there that the cut wire seems to be. Both bits of the wire are there - they just don't seem to be friends any more. The way the coax is split and fed through the centre of the toroid looks particularly nasty too!

I need to find some alternative pictures of other units to see what this is supposed to be like.

Odd, egh?