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Wednesday, 27 April 2011

It doesn't look that bad - does it?

Well, a gorgeous sunny day here today and the new antenna duly arrived as promised:

So I started with a kit of parts:

Very quickly I had created a kind of tightrope walkers balancing pole:

Then, fairly easily, with a small amount of swearing, I managed to get the whole thing on the new sky hook, just missing the roof (almost like it was planned):

Then it was just a case of giving it a bit of a shove:

Then I added the third K bracket at the top:

Now, if you lived next door, would you mind? It's not bad is it, egh? I'll post some thoughts on the antenna in use in the next few days....

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Antennas and more Antennas

Never ever being satisfied seems to be a problem of mine! I've seen a review of the Dual Beam Pro from Pro Antennas, information here:

So I decided I should get one. I've spent most of the day up a lader adding yet another sky hook to the house; this is the pole before I did any more with it - you'll see that there is a cheap and nasty TV rotator included:

I then stuck a T & a K bracket on the back of the house; the Dual Beam Pro should now be able to sit just above the eaves of the house. I'm wondering if I should add another T bracket above these too; I'm also wondering if there is any real strengh higher up the wall as it gets rather narrow there.

What d'ya recon??

WSPRing some more

How's about this then; this is WSPR running on 20M from my FT-950; with 10W of RF to a Windom suspended accross the back garden.

Not bad egh??

Friday, 22 April 2011

WSPRing with whispers

I've been playing with WSPR on HF for quite a while; it's a weak signal propagation reporter network. All you could ever want to know can be found here:

I've successfully got 10W of RF received in all continents, but this screen shot was particularly impressive 1st thing this morning:

Not bad egh??

Monday, 18 April 2011

Bedini SSG Musings

I've been experimenting with a Bedini Simple Schoolgirl Monopole circuit; there's much more to follow, but to start with I've just posted some basic video of the machine running.

Here's the basic video:

Fun egh?