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Sunday, 21 October 2018

IC-7610 with Writelog


I am no contester, but I do like to dabble.

Generally I use WriteLog for Windows as my contesting software application.

I could,t find a way to use my IC-7610 with the software 'out of the box' so here's what I did.

Step 1 - change the IC-7610 so it uses the hex address of the 7850/7851 which is CI-V address 8E, thus:

Then configure WriteLog for one of these rigs:

I tend to manually swap between the IC-7610 and TS-890 (I never run them at the same time) but the TS-890 works as a TS-990 in the WriteLog software.

I've only been dabbling in the JARTS test this weekend, but both the IC-7610 and the TS-890 are a pleasure to use in crowded RTTY band conditions. When I first started dabbling in RTTY I was using a FT-920 - the difference in technology and filter/signal rejection capabilities is simply staggering.

I worked VK early Saturday morning on 40M - it must have been a grey line propagation mode as the signal disappeared nearly as fast as it appeared. I was surprised to make the contact, but it was certainly a good QSO.

Saturday, 20 October 2018

TS-890 - JARTS RTTY time!


Today and tomorrow is the JARTS RTTY test; now band conditions are not favorable to be working many JAs, but its a good opportunity to try the new 270Hz roofing filter in crowded RTTY conditions.

So, with the radio configured for decode, I still think displaying BOTH the waterfall and the spectrum scope is unhelpful - I would like one or the other. I am using the visual indication to hunt stations and the spectrum scope is just too damn small to be any use at all.

The 270Hz roofing filter with the APF (its really I notch in RTTY mode I think) selected seems to be exceptionally good at close signal rejection however.

Time will tell.....

I've also got the new Icom radio, the IC-7610 and this is also an excellent S&P RTTY rig:

The spectrum scope is better for signal searching without the waterfall as well....

It's quite hard to draw any conclusions; both the TS-890 and the IC-7610 are both fantastic at close signal rejection in crowded RTTY band conditions. The TS-890 needs the 270Hz roofing filter for very close strong signals, but the IC-7610 is excellent out of the box.

The waterfall and spectrum scope being displayed together on the TS-890 when in decode mode (CW, PSK or RTTY) is an issue for me; the spectrum scope is just too small to be of any use. I very much like the fact that I can play with the spectrum scope on the IC-7610 including the colours, fill, averaging et cetera. The TS-890s ability to set output power by band is a very big plus for me when using the linear. When using the IC-7610 I keep having to manually tweak the output power when I change bands.

I am no contester, but swapping between these two over the last day or so in the JARTS test has shown me that they are both a pleasure to use. I was never going to do anything than casual participation, but the station works:

Interesting, don't you think?

Monday, 15 October 2018

TS-890 - Optional Roofing Filter


You may have spotted my horror in an earlier post that the shiny new TS-890 has an optional narrow roofing filter - 270Hz to be exact.

Well, my radio had it fitted today:

Step one, remove the base:

Step two, remove the larger of the two cover plates:

Step three, install the new filter in the empty slot:

Step four, stick the supplied 'cushion' to the underside of the cover plate as clearly marked:

Step Five, bung it all back together.


Here's our two enjoying a bit of winter sun (Elmo is lazy and leaning):