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Sunday, 21 October 2018

IC-7610 with Writelog


I am no contester, but I do like to dabble.

Generally I use WriteLog for Windows as my contesting software application.

I could,t find a way to use my IC-7610 with the software 'out of the box' so here's what I did.

Step 1 - change the IC-7610 so it uses the hex address of the 7850/7851 which is CI-V address 8E, thus:

Then configure WriteLog for one of these rigs:

I tend to manually swap between the IC-7610 and TS-890 (I never run them at the same time) but the TS-890 works as a TS-990 in the WriteLog software.

I've only been dabbling in the JARTS test this weekend, but both the IC-7610 and the TS-890 are a pleasure to use in crowded RTTY band conditions. When I first started dabbling in RTTY I was using a FT-920 - the difference in technology and filter/signal rejection capabilities is simply staggering.

I worked VK early Saturday morning on 40M - it must have been a grey line propagation mode as the signal disappeared nearly as fast as it appeared. I was surprised to make the contact, but it was certainly a good QSO.

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