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Sunday, 23 September 2018

TS-890 - 5MHz Mod


My new shiny TS-890 didn't transmit on 5MHz out of the box. Kenwood have released a modification procedure to the dealers explaining how to rectify this - it is marked as not for public release so I don't have a copy. I do, however, know what needs to be done. You would imagine that the dealers will apply this mod to any they have before shipping or it will be performed by Kenwood themselves on the UK models. But mine is an early one, so here we go:

Step 1 - turn radio upside down and disconnect all DC supply:

Step 1 - remove bottom cover:

Step 3 - remove the smaller of the two cover plates:

Step 4 - for 5MHz coverage you need to snip the R57 link highlighted below before and after:

There are also clearly 4 chip type 0R resistors (or space for) on the board that determine the version of the radio:

Here are the different combinations these 0R resistors give:

Local conditions.


  1. Gracias por la información, mi equipo me llego hace unos días y ya estaba abierto. Tengo un problema y no se si es un error o si tiene solución. Me pasa que en cw si me marca 100 watios el medidor pero en LSB no pasa de 80. Como se puede solucionar esto??. Gracias. EA2CKC Salvador

  2. Sospecharía la configuración de ganancia de micrófono; ¿Puedes usar la función "sintonizar" WSJT para probar la salida de potencia en USB?

    1. Sigo sin poder solucionar el problema, no hay forma de que en SSB suba el indicador a los 100w. ¿Se os ocurre alguna solución??

  3. Thank you Mark for all your effort to support the amateur radio hobby.