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Sunday, 2 February 2020

A STM32 Processor - really?


In my never ending desire to fiddle with Microprocessors and/or Micro controllers, I found these boards on my local Amazon with prime next day delivery:

They are called a "Blue Pill" for some reason?!?!? The boards I ordered are these. At the time of writing I could buy 5 of these boards for £15 GBP delivered.

You can use them directly with an external USB -> Serial converter, but you can also upload a bootloader and make the on-board USB port work successfully.

I followed the instructions here:

the speed of these processors is excellent and when used in conjunction with the ILI9342 displays I have been using recently they work very well indeed.

You can see an example of the processor in action in my latest musings on the BITX:

All very impressive and I still fail to believe how inexpensive these MCUs are.

** UPDATE **

There is an alternative bootloader (its much smaller) available for this board now, you can find instructions for using it below. This uses the HID method for uploading:

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