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Monday, 13 August 2012

I've really done it now!


After the installation of the new antenna system, my HF capabilities have improved significantly. The front to back ratio of the new antenna is excellent and I'm really pleased with the performance.

I've been out this weekend and swapped one of my radios for a newer one, I've treated myself to a FT-DX-5000D, it looks like this:

It's got a free Kenwood towel draped over the top of it right now. So the shack has had a slight modification to one of the shelves, but it's looking like this in the radio area:

The receive performance of this radio is simply outstanding, the noise floor is very low and there seems to be a noticeable improvement over the FT-2000 that I had previously. It's also got a fully DSPd 2nd receiver as well as a 200W output. The radio can also be placed into Class-A mode so that the output is cleaner; in this configuration the maximum output power is 75W which is ideal in digital modes like RTTY for driving my solid state linear.

All in all it's just fantastic!

So that's me done spending for a while, but it looks good, agree?

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