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Sunday, 30 September 2012

Artificial Ground - You What?


My chum Vince, G0ORC has been having a spot of bother in his shack. We have concluded that this may be down to RF problems and as his shack is upstairs, there is little point in trying to create an RF earth as by the time the cable gets to the radio the impedence will likely be too high to be of use.

I found this whilst rummaging on the interweb:

And it looked like exactly the kind of thing he needed. As I have quite a collection of bits here, I had a rummage and started to make this for him:

The hardest part by far was mounting the tuning capacitor such that it's issolated from the chasis and effectively floating within the circuit.

The inductor was very scientific and involved some detailed calculations; I just found an old silicone tube and wound some wire round it:

We have configured this inside the shack of G0ORC and initial reports are suggesting that this is enabling current to flow out of the shack into a counterpoise that we have constructed.

As a starter for 10 Artificial Ground experiment goes, seems to work OK.

Fun, egh?


  1. You might find this article interesting too:

  2. Hello did this tuner sort out your RF problems ??

    1. I made if for a friend - and yes it solved the problem