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Monday, 9 June 2014

Say something then!


A while since I have posted; primarily because I am spending far too much time in foreign parts for my employer, rather than playing for me!

Anyhow, been rummaging around in the shack today and finally got round to configuring my MS station for 6M and 4M.

I have the antenna I put up back here for both bands:

And today I have got the digital interface working to my satisfaction into the FT-847:

You will see that I have used a SignaLink USB thingamabob to connect the radio to the PC:

Now, the FT-847 has caused me a load of trouble in the past when dealing with digital modes; primarily in an unsatisfactory delay going back from TX into RX again. I have always interfaced the radio like this:

So here the PTT is combined with an audio line which is then decoupled using the capacitor you see in the graphic above.

This time I have interfaced into the Mic socket and used the PTT and audio in feeds available there:

Now, further inspection of the FT-847 manual today, and I find this:

which looks infinitely more sensible again!

So, I may yet change things once more to enable an easy switch between digital and voice operation.

I'm still using the amplifier I bought from Linear Amp (the DX Shop):

I'm scared stupid I'm going to overdrive this amplifier; I would like to find a way to restrict the output of the 847 permanently to 25W - any suggestions? I may well ask the question on the appropriate owners forum.

Fun egh?


  1. Re: fixing 25W.
    It appears you have an ALC jack on the back. If you present a fixed voltage, that may set the output to a fixed power.

  2. Hi Zesty, I've thought about that but the ALC needs to be a -ve voltage, so presumably I would also need to remember to turn on an external -ve PSU? I think there is something in the "extended" menus but I am a bit too cowardly to try just yet!