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Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Yet Another FT-847


I came across another FT-847 recently; I was told it had the full 4M modifications completed. However I can see the old daughter board installed and not the pre-amp I would expect:

This was where I did an 847 mod a while ago and the pre-amp I expected to see:

There is, however, this additional board installed either side of L308<<something>> where the something is obscured by the cables. You can see the board in the photo above - it's got G086C written on it. Any ideas what this is? This is the RF connections from the board:

There also seems to be a cable disconnected to the front panel:

Also I can see what looks like a voltage regulator in the middle of this photo here:

The power out is also lower than I would expect on 4M, perhaps the PA hasn't been modified correctly:

Strange, egh?

1 comment:

  1. Hello dear Mark,
    I was trying on my own to make the mod for 4m on my FT-847. Accidendly I destroy the C5050 (390pf/500V) and Im trying to find one to be replaced. Can you help me becuse so far I have no luck searching about on Internet. If you can sen me one or two I can cover the expences. Thanks in advance SV5BYR Mike