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Friday, 29 July 2016

It doesnt get more Bonkers!!!!


You may recall that some time ago, myself and Vince, G0ORC, set up a Wires-X repeater.

This has been an endless cause of headaches as it has continually suffered lock-ups in FM TX mode since we connected it to the Wires-X network and the big bad Internet. It's odd that the TX lock is in FM mode because the repeater is configured in Digital only.

Having tried many re-flash of the firmware in the repeater, different network connections, updating firmware in the HRI-200, operating with a chicken down my trousers whilst facing north and also changing the version of Wires-X software on the PC, even sending the repeater back to Yaesu - we have finally given up.

We can't find what causes the TX lock-up nor can we stop it.

So we now have the most Bonkers solution I can think of - this is a £300 solution to a problem that shouldn't exist.

So instead of connecting the repeater to the Wires-X network using a HRI-200 and PC as it is designed to do, we are connecting via RF to a nother radio using a dummy load! We have a separate node configured to TX on the repeater input and RX on the repeater output, the repeater is now configured as a stand alone digital only repeater. The only connectivity between the two is via RF through a dummy load on the "node" radio; which is a FTM-100D configured as a Wires-X node.

Quite ridiculous, egh?

Here's our beautiful Bonnie Dog - she's now 8 months and 29 days old and quite fab.

Local conditions.

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