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Sunday, 23 October 2016

Microwaves - now that's really nuts!


Following the build of my amplifier for 23cm here. I've been involved in some on-air tests of the JT modes on 23cm.

Here's a screen shot of my signels on JT65C as received by Tony, G4NBS in JO02af (Cambridge).

You will see multiple signals at times and we are sure this is due to Aircraft Scatter - I was seeing very much the same kind of thing on RX also. Anyhow, I am pleased to have logged 23cm JT65C QSOs with G4BAO. G4DDK and G4NBS.

I've been back up to Alport Heights in Derbyshire today with my 10GHz equipment from back here.

And have been listening to GB3FNY on 10,368.752 MHz:

I can find no trace of GB3LEX on 10,386.955 and can only assume it's off air.

Bonkers, egh?

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