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Sunday, 12 December 2010

QRSS Beacon

I've been building a QRSS beacon kit that I purchased from Hans Summers:

It's a neat little package, which came as a complete kit. Mine is built for 40M.

Here's the kit with only the IC holder in place:

And here the kit is neary complete; only problem is I have L1 and L2 the wrong way round!

I've added some veroboard as a wider board to fit into the box I had in mind for the project, and included a 6V regulator in there to enable me to power this from the same source as all the other junk in the shack:

And here is the kit boxed and ready for alignment, I've also added a power switch and power on LED, plus a switch to put the keyer into 12wpm CW for testing or 6s dot length for QRSS running. Theres also a second LED to indicate that the kit is running in QRSS mode:

I've had a poke about with the scope and all looks as expected, I need to align the output frequency and spend some sime setting up the frequency shift.

I'll post more as I do that.


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