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Sunday, 30 October 2011

At Last, things are looking up.....

Finally, I have some progress to report.

Yesterday, in my almost never ending attempt to create extra space in my shack, more in a kind of tardis sort of way, I decided to get angry with the area that holds all my test equipment.

Most of my home-made kit was stacked in a rather wobbly pile, and the two 'scopes that I have plus some other rubbish were in this kind of wooden shelving unit I made that all physically sat on top of my spectrum analyser.

Anyhow, I've ripped it all to bits and installed some proper shelving:

I'm rather pleased with this as it "seems" there is a load more space for me to fill with junk.The main piece of progress to report is that I have (with the help of Vince G0ORC) taken down the antennas I put up here:

And firstly we found the reason for the 6m beam no longer working; in a rather over enthusiastic waterproofing exercise, we had managed to tape the gamma match to the boom resulting in a dead short! The 2m antenna has had an adjustment to the gamma match which has resulted in a 1.3 (ish) to one SWR across the entire band. The 70cm portion was fine as-is so I just left that alone.

I still have a non rotating rotator on the HF beam from here:

but I have decided that I need to create some kind of tilt mechanism to safely bring that antenna and rotator back down to earth. I've ordered some bits from Barenco today:

so when they arrive and I have a free day I'll be inventing something insane to tile the mast down to ground.

The shack is looking quite tidy today so I've taken some snaps, firstly here's the radio area:

and the main desk:

and this is looking back twords the door and my modest set of components:

All good fun though, egh?

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