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Friday, 27 April 2012

6m Beam Swap

I decided I should swap the 6m beam that I have up here. A number of reasons for this decision, firstly everyone round here seems to have got used to it being there, so an mysterious increase in size one dark and stormy night was probably going to go un-noticed. Secondly the SWR on the old antenna is not so good.

This 3 element beam came from Lam Communications in Barnsley:

I believe it's actually a Sandpiper antenna:

It went together really easiy and is much sturdier constructed than the two element beam I was using:

The new antenna has gone up OK, it's a bit trickier to lift past the eaves of the house and attach to the pole (thanks to the ever patient Vince, G0ORC) it's in place.

We altered that the beam antenna I had pointing upwards for satellite working to be horizontal. In the process of doing this we wrecked the SWR and lost some of the grub screws from the Gama match. Hey, ho - that's another story.

Here's the new 6m antenna:

Good egh?

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