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Thursday, 19 April 2012

TS-590 on 5MHz

I've received an NoV (Notice of Variation) to my radio license today; this gives me some restricted and secondary access to the 5MHz frequencies. There is plenty of information on the NoV for the UK here:

I wanted to open up my European Kenwood TS-590 that I got here:

I found the details on the mod but thought it would be worth showing others what I have done. The first job is to turn the radio upside down and remove the 10 screws that secure the base:

Then I need to locate the wire link labelled R968 (it's a jumper) and this needs to be cut and separated apart to open up the 5MHz transmit frequencies. This is the jumper before the snip, if you open the image you can clearly see it just to the left of the ribbon cable:

And here it is after the snip:

Immediately in front of the ribbon cable is R900. This needs to be removed to enable full wide TX; I haven't tried this as I have no desire to TX out of band. But the option is there and available if you need it.

Easy, egh?

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