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Thursday, 25 April 2013

Your going to what?


You may recall that I bought myself a FT-DX-3000 recently, this is a great radio but I decided I needed to add the narrow roofing filter. I bought said component and prepared to take the radio to bits:

There are a total of 18 screws holding the base of the radio on, once you have all of these removed the inside looks like the photo below. I have drawn a black box round the empty slot for the narrow filter and also added a red arrow which we will discuss further down. Here's the radio without the filter fitted:

and again with the filter in place:

Now, whilst I had the radio in pieces, I thought I would wideband the TX. This is because I want to be able to use the radio on the 5MHz UK allocation including the WSPR frequencies. The full allocation isn't available as-is, so the only option is to perform the full wideband TX anywhere mod.

The picture above with the black box also has the red arrow, underneath the part of the radio with the red arrow pointing looks like this close up:

In the top of the photo you will see that there are 9 numbered points on the board, two of which (6 & 7) are populated with 0 ohm SMT resistors or more simply links.

To wideband the FT-DX-3000, you have to bridge the pads number 5. Here is the radio with the modification complete:

You have to perform a FULL reset for the change to take effect (hold down fast & lock then power on).

Simple, egh?

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