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Thursday, 7 August 2014

This is even more Bonkers than before!


You may recall my recent declaration "it doesn't get more bonkers than this", well, perhaps it might.

My latest interest in bouncing RF of Meteors has expanded a little. I've decided to have a bash at this insanity at higher frequencies so I have bough myself one of these:

So, today the mast came down and the antennas came off:

A new stub mast was installed and the 2M beam constructed. I chose InnovAntennas because the beam I have for 4M and 6M seems so good I thought I would stick with what I know. The quality is excellent and the ease of assembly was superb.

There's no connector at the feedpoint of these InnovAntennas to minimise losses and mismatch, so you prepare the coax thus:

Anyhow, there's a new antenna atop of the mast:

To accompany the antenna I have also bought the matching amplifier of my 4M and 6M amplifier, the Gemini 2 from Linear Amp (DX Shop):

Initial tests show no unwanted interaction between the antennas and an excellent low SWR on the new beam.

The amplifier is delivering a good 300W on 144MHz:

So hopefully I can have a good play.

Cat's been keeping a watch on proceedings:

Fun, egh?

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