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Wednesday, 3 February 2016

UKAC - Up there, Really?


We had our second bash at entering a UKAC contest last night. Myself and my chum Vince, G0ORC headed to the top of Alport Heights in Derbyshire with a generator, some poles an antenna, a radio and other bits and bobs.

Station seemed to work well and we headed home after 100 contacts due to the cold, damp and generally miserable conditions. The site is over 1000ft ASL and it was snowing up there last night!
Here's a map of our log:

Which isn't as good as what we achieved on 70cm a few weeks ago:

Now, the results are out for the 70cm test from January here: Results and it's clear we made quite a few errors in our operating and also logging. We are currently keeping a paper log and then transcribing it to electronic after the contest - there were some mistakes in the transcription too!

This is the result of the log analysis:

So all in all we have a 3/10 must do better!

Local conditions.

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