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Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Measuring 13cm


Following my previous musings here and the RX tests I have done on the 13cm transverter, I had a bash at testing the TX function today.

I found a frequency counter and RF power meter on my travels recently; Its an XL Microwave counter that measures up to 20GHz.

I've cobbled together a directional coupler from Narda, a Marconi 20dB attenuator plus a further 15dB reduction from another on-line purchased coupler. All in all the frequency measurement point should be about 35dB down from the actual output from the transverter.

It all looks like this:

Using the new meter and counter I am measuring exactly 2301 MHz and a power of -2.8dB:

So assuming my 35dB of attenuation is there or there abouts, that means the output of the transverter is about 32-33dBm which is about 2W - exactly on the money.

My analogue power meter also reads about on the money too:

I've also taken the -30dB forward port from the Narda directional coupler, mixed it with my 900MHz frequency generator as described back here. This has allowed me to see the output from the transverter at 2301 MHz - 900 MHz = 1401 MHz:

All good, egh?

Here's our beautiful Pepper Cat:

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