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Thursday, 8 December 2016

Counting all the way to 13cm


You may have realised that I had something in mind when I made the Signal Generator up to 4.4GHz recently? Well, the idea is to use that to test a new transverter I have for 13cm:

This is another most excellent piece of kit from SG Labs. You may remember that the transverter used in this 23cm project came from the same place.

So, this transverter has a number of options for the LO, but with that set to be 1870 MHz, and my new Signal Generator set at 2301 MHz:

Lo, and indeed behold, on 431MHz we see a strong carrier:

Now, this transverter even came with a PCB antenna for 13cm:

So, the next thing is to try and test the TX side; not too sure how I am going to manage that yet, but I am sure I will find a way!

I have an ultra low noise amplifier from G4DDK ready to construct also for this band, plus a surplus telecoms PA block that should give some power. I also seem to have a 13cm Wimo antenna sat on my desk:

So, lots more to follow on this topic!

Local conditions.

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