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Tuesday, 13 December 2016

So, your mixing what?


I mentioned in this post that I needed to find a way to test the TX of my new transverter.

I've bought myself one of these:

It's a mini circuits mixer, that is rated to 2GHz but probably works to a fashion well beyond that. Electrically it looks like this:

So, as a test I have my new USB signal generator set at 2000 MHz connected to the RF port.

The HP Signal Generator from here is connected to the RF port and set to 900 MHz.

Now, given that this mixer should do what mixers do, the IF port should have the sum, the difference and all associated other components and harmonics:

The main point here being that 2000 MHz - 900 MHz = 1100 Mhz, which is clearly visible on the spectrum analyser.

So if I take the output of my 13cm 2.3GHz transverter and do some jiggery pokery with attenuators and then mix it with my 900 MHz sig gen signal I should be able to see it on my spectrum analyser at 1.4 GHz.

That should work, egh?

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