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Tuesday, 7 February 2017

A Lawful what?


Back in the spring of last year we removed a load of trees from our property and also had some fairly extensive works undertaken in the garden. The net result was that the antennas at the property became much more visible from the road.

Now, one of my neighbors who is particularly grumpy, decided to question the legality of the mast(s) and antenna(s) at the house with our local council.

In accordance with the planning laws, they all should be subject to planning permission. However, theory says that because they have been in place for in excess of four years the council are unable to take enforcement action. Unfortunately, the onus is on me to prove they have been in place for that time.

Thanks to this blog and my obsession with taking photographs, I was able to generate a very comprehensive document containing a load of google dated photographs stored in the cloud showing each of the antennas and masts in place with a photo upload date.

Finally, after a long bureaucratic process, my Lawful Development Certificate has been issued.

So my grumpy neighbor can go stick his complaining!

Local conditions. 

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