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Sunday, 3 September 2017

I'm forever blowing bubbles? No! bulbs!


I have a couple of Yaesu Rotators here, and the controllers were stacked one on top of the other with a small cardboard box propping up the top controller. The cases are kind of slanty topped and the whole arrangement meant that they both fell to the desk regularly. This in turn ensured that the bulbs illuminating the front scale blew farily soon after purchase.

My local friendly emporium LAM Communications sent me some replacement bulbs some time ago, I just never got round to replacing them - mainly because I couldn't find any instruction on how to do so.

So, here's how to replace the bulbs in a Yaesu Rotatorbamob (or certainly the 1000DXC variety).

Firstly we remove the main external case:

Now, the bulb is clearly part of the main dial thingy on the front, so that had to be removed also (there are 4 screws):

The bulb is under the silver paper I've highlighted below:

So it's just a case of peeling back the tape carefully, and soldering in a new bulb.

I've also made a wooden stand thingy so the controllers stack without the need for cardboard wedges and other jiggery-pokery and hopefully the wont fall over any more:

Local conditions.

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