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Friday, 29 December 2017

FeelTech 6600 - Issues List


Following on from my musings last time about this FeelTech Signal Generator I purchased from Amazon, I've created a video to demonstrate some of the issues I have been seeing.

There are quite a few of the issues captured in the video, but other ADDITIONAL issues I have seen but couldn't reproduce during the video are:

  1. DC offset on Channel 1 (video demonstrates this issue on Channel 2 only)
  2. Channel 1 and Channel 2 incorrectly out of phase 
  3. Both Channel 1 and Channel 2 failing to start (reproduced by both channels set to 10MHz and 0.5V then soft power cycle)
The issues documented in the video include:
  1. Channel 2 fails to start on soft power cycle
  2. Channel 1 and 2 amplitude issues
  3. Issues around 0.5V amplitude
  4. DC offset on Channel 2 (even during soft power off)
The firmware in my version is 3.2 which I understand to be the latest at the time of writing.

My conclusion? It's a piece of junk.

I'd be interested to learn if anyone else can reproduce these issues as it might be that this is some firmware but also I suspect crappy Chinese relays may be part of the problem.

My lovely Florrie Cat takes all credit for the production of the above video:

Local conditions.

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