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Sunday, 2 December 2018

Yet more Nixies!


My TEAS (Test Equipment Acquisition Syndrome) condition seems to worsen; I have acquired another Nixie frequency counter from that great auction site.

I've fiddled around with it considerably to get the internal clock to stabilise - some bright spark, maybe even the designer, has stuck a block of polystyrene (Styrofoam) over the crystal to try and maintain some temperature stability - but alas its all over the shop.

So, I've basically hacked two holes into the back of the unit and added an external reference clock input - this can be supplied by my ever faithful shack frequency reference.

So this is the unit; albeit on its side:

And here the small modification I've made:

The circuit forces whatever signal is on the input to be +ve DC - I've built it dead bug style on the back of the input BNC socket:

This is where I was poking about to find the clock output:

Using some of my other ancient test gear acquired through my TEAS condition:

Here's the result:

Lovely Jubbly.


  1. RCS were based in Teddington and they also manufactured a standard frequency receiver locked to 200kHz (probably for this very counter). Come the day Droitwich shifted from 200 to 198kHz, everything else locked to it in the workshop moved in sympathy.

    1. Id love to find a schematic, but I cant find anything relevant on the internet at all :-(