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Sunday, 3 February 2013

XE test? Ah, Mexico!


Been dabbling in the Mexico International RTTY contest this weekend:

Running pretty much maximum allowable bananas for my full UK license and trying to get as many Mexican states as possible (these count as multipliers to your total score). Mexico is a fair distance from the UK (like 5,300 miles) and conditions didn't seem that good. So given that most of my late afternoon CQing was with the antenna pointed at the appropriate part of the world, my sum total of 3 Mexican stations is rather pants.

Anyway, I'll be entering my log for a laugh, but here is the (now traditional) map of my contacts:

The maps I create of my logs are done here:

Odd isn't it, how I find myself beaming to the north west (300 ish degrees), working mainly stations in Europe and then suddenly work a VK4 in NE Australia.

Cat was trying to help keep log:

Fun though, egh?

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