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Saturday, 26 January 2013

Hows the Interfacing?


Following my acquisition of an FT-450 to take on my travels, I've been making a digital modes interface for the radio today; I ended up with this design (like 0/10 for originality!):

I've built the electronics into a small plastic enclosure that I had here and eventually I've got it working 100%.

I struggled with FSK RTTY; it just didn't want to work for some reason. I tried re-making the switching circuit, tried swapping it for the (working) PTT switch - all attempts failed.

I then realised that I had never tried an FSK transmission from a PC using a USB to Serial adapter. Bingo! A quick search on the interweb soon revealed that my goal was in fact impossible! A bit more research on the MMTTY Yahoo! group revealed the fact that there is a software fix for this - it's called EXTFSK and is a dll that you drop into the same directory as the MMTTY exe file.

Bob is now my Uncle and all is working well; tricky though - may never have found that and was close to giving up!

Cat's as impressed as normal:

Good though, egh?

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