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Friday, 25 January 2013

My God, Your Obsessed!


A little while ago I was talking to Dave at Lam Communications; I happened to show him a picture of my shack – his reaction amused me suggesting I was completely obsessed!

Hmm, I can see how he may have a point!
It looks like I may be going to spend some working time in A7 land, so I have been in contact with the Qatar ARS and also the local authorities to find out about getting a license to operate from there. It looks very much like it may be possible as there is a reciprocal licensing agreement between Qatar and the UK.

I was planning to take a newly acquired FT-450D plus a small switch mode PSU with me and see what I can manage to set up. I need to build a small digital mode interface so I can connect it to my laptop; so that is the project for this weekend - its also the BARTG RTTY sprint contest too.

I've put my IC-7410 up for sale and the box has come down from the attic ready for it's departure. Cat's not impressed:

Interesting times, egh?

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