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Saturday, 12 January 2013

5MHz Short Dipole


Having had my 5MHz NoV renewed in early January, I decided to have a go a fitting a dedicated (shortened) dipole into the garden.

I started with my preferred on-line calculator here:

A truly magnificent tool, and ended up with this design:

I've managed to fit this antenna into the back garden today without getting it too close to anything else. My MFJ Antenna Analyser thingamabob suggested that the SWR and impedance of the antenna was good at the target frequency; after getting some RG58 and running it back to the shack, the radios seem to agree also. Time will tell, but it seems that I have a dipole for 5MHz!
I also payed a visit to Lam Communications today, rummaging through their shop a FT-1000 took my eye, the PSU for the radio was described as broken and the radio was sold with "no warranty implied or given"... so I've had a punt. Here's what I found inside the PSU:
 So I very quickly concluded that the PSU is all sorts of broken.
The radio requires 13.8V at 3A and 30V at 15A (for the PA), so a replacement shouldn't be so hard to manufacture from something.
Watch this space, I'll keep you posted.
Here's the Geddy cat mid tea munching the other night:
All good fun though, egh?

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