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Sunday, 13 January 2013

There's life in the old dog....


That "sold without warranty given or otherwise implied" FT-1000MP Mark-V that I picked up from Lam Communications, as I showed last time, the power supply was all sorts of broken.

However, today I've stuck 13.8V in the appropriate place for the radio, and that seems to spring into life quite nicely:

The PSU provides the 13.8V to the receiver and other parts of the radio, the 30V supply is just for the linear amplifier MOSFETS, so the radio won't transmit right now. I've taken the bottom off the radio - mainly to investigate if I had been lucky enough to inherit any of the optional filters - alas not:

but the radio does look very clean and tidy.

So, I'm now on the look out for a SMPS with about 28V output at 15A for the PA, this will have to be at, what us radio hams refer to as, "the right price", but something will turn up soon I'm sure.

Good though, egh?


  1. KI6RJW says on comment on post: I use the Astron LS18 power supply, which is a 24V power supply, easily adjusted up to 30V and a
    Pyramid PS26K that is already on my bench for the 12V side. I adapted the stock power cord and added a pair of 15A fuses on the 30V side pos and neg and a pair of 5A fuses on the 12V pos and neg side. Has worked like a charm since and is by far cheaper then repairing or replacing the original FP29 switching power supply. Look for the Astron LS18 used and they can be had for a good price, I got mine on the Ebay for $105 shipped.

    Good luck to you Mark! I love my FT-1000MP Mark V, the second one I've owned.Sold my first to recoup some money per XYL's request!

    Very 73 de Cliff - KU4GW

  2. Hi Cliff, thanks for your comments and kind wishes. Just been touched by your story via your blog. Hang on in their brother.

    Mark. G0MGX