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Sunday, 17 March 2013

Grey What? Ah, Grey Line!


Still spending most of my time in A7 land, not yet with license for the region but am still hopeful. Travelling back tomorrow, so will be checking progress during the week.

Propagation in general is a topic that I claim to know very little about and understand even less about, however, I do very much understand the theory and concept of grey-line propagation.

From time to time, you see or hear something that arguably cant be anything other than the effects of grey-line propagation. Here's an example from 30M the other evening...

This happened, of course, just as the UK was entering night and Australia was entering day.... the grey line on the earth was connecting the two areas of the globe. You can see that through more normal propagation methods, my signals were reaching into Europe and not much further.

Interesting, hugh?

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