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Saturday, 23 March 2013

RTTYing in A71 Land


Its been snowing hard in the UK (so I understand), but I'm stuck in A71 land this weekend....

The Qatar Amateur Radio Society were doing a stall at an exhibition recently, I called by to see them, here's the set up:

I've actually spent some time at the QARS main site today, you may remember I visited them a while ago:

I've been running RTTY using one of their FT-2000s. You may recall I made an interface for my FT-450 a while back:

Well, here it is on top of the FT-2000 - plus an adapter for the rig end of the cables:

So been running on 20M RTTY today with the callsign A71A. Been quite hard work as at times there were many stations calling, but no single signal decoding, I guess I perhaps need to consider working split next time.

Fun though, egh?

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