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Tuesday, 13 August 2019

Up-converting - you what?


Further to the PA I made last time, today I have been finishing off the up-converter to accompany it.

The theory goes something like this:

  • The Portsdown will output DATV on 439 MHz through the transverter output
  • This will be sent down the garden in Ecoflex-15
  • The co-ax losses will be compensated for using the 70cm amp I made back here
  • This will feed the SG Labs transverter we played with back here
  • The output of the transverter is then boosted by the Wi-Fi amp from here 
  • Finally the output is fed to the PA
Here's the up-converter in its finished form, there's a simple sequencer in there to handle the PTT switching and send a PTT signal to the PA:

Tomorrow I hope to install this and the PA in the small shed I have near the dish - then for some on-air testing.

This is the output of the up-converter DVB-S, SR250, FEC 1/2 - received with an antenna across the bench:


I've not yet installed the equipment in the garden, so I have about 4-5dB minimum of cable loss between the PA and the dish feed. However, here's my first RX of my own TV signal through Es-Hail'2:

** UPDATE 2 **

I've moved the gubbins to the small shed near the dish:

And am now sending 439MHz (ish) down the garden from the Portsdown.

This is a 333KS transmission via QO-100, you can see my signal on the left of the Mini Tioune software at 10,497.750 MHz:

And here is a testcard:

Local conditions.

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