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Monday, 9 January 2012

Penguin - you mean Pinguino!


For a few days I've been playing once again with Pinguino:

It's an IDE that simplifies programming of PICs and the one I've built uses the 18F4550 PIC from Microchip. The board I have built is detailed here:

and it looks like this:

I had quite a bit of difficulty getting the IDE to run on Windows 7; previously I managed to get it running on Linux, but with some help from the Pinguino forum users, I was pointed at this tutorial:

Which has worked out just fine. The IDE is now running:

and this communicates with the board via a Bootloader that you have to program into the PIC. I accomplished this using my recent ebay purchased Olimex PIC board:

This board is directly compatible with the Microchip MPASM IDE and programming the PIC was a doddle.

Once the PIC was programmed and on-board my homebrew Pinguino I have managed to successfully download and run an initial test program to flash an LED. Not much to show for it, but good progress!

I'm planning to play some more with DDS and some other homebrew ideas I have; all of which will be PIC based.

Watch this space!

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