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Monday, 12 November 2012

My Power Struggle is Over


Following all the palaver associated with my Power Meter project; I've finally completed it.

Here's the finished article:

The front panel (which is covered in Fablon) isn't anything like as bumpy as it looks in the photo to the naked eye; it's perfectly acceptable.

I've finally decided that the switches need to switch between short and long sample times (as before) but the second switch that I had used to peak hold the meter, now switches the units primary display units from dbM to dbW - each of these has the power converted to watts in brackets.

The unit had quite a bit of use this weekend in the WAE RTTY contest - and yes I was sending and receiving QTC traffic! - but the meter certainly seems to work at full UK power from my linear, it's a damn site more accurate than anything else I have here, but most impressive was the ability of the unit to read really low reflected powers so I can tune the antenna far better with this unit than I can with any of the analogue meters I have here. This meter can tell be that I have -20dbW reflected power when an analogue meter wont even be moving.... I'm actually quite impressed.

Cat's not overly enthusiastic about it:

Impressive though, egh?


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