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Saturday, 3 November 2012

Scaling the heights of power


Having finally got a working digital and software based power meter, I have been running some experiments today - already this is proving to be a useful instrument. I think it might be worth making an alternative version of the system to be a stand alone power meter (rather than a directional meter with SWR calcs). However, the main enhancement today has been the inclusion of a (rather humorous) meter scale for the analog SWR meter:

All I did was remove the metal scale that came with the meter, scan it into the computer and then use MS Paint to alter it. I've printed it and stuck it to the old one with "pritt stick". Looks kind of fine to me:

The instrument display is looking pretty good too:

There are two switches on the front panel (as per the W7IEQ design). So I've modified the software to either sample the RF in a short mode or a longer, more time between samples mode. Hence you can see "Sht" for "Short" - this changes to "Lng" or "Long" when the 1st switch is set. Similarly I've added some code to peak hold the meter and this can be turned on with the second switch; the display shows "Norm" or "Hold".

I need to do something better with the front panel of the case and also I'd like to illuminate the meter.

Not bad though, egh?

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