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Friday, 15 June 2012

It's been ages.....

Work, work and more work. That's all there is to it at the moment; finaly, however, I now have some time to:
  1. Catch up with my Blog;
  2. Play some Radio!
The WSPR and QRSS beacon I was begining to develop here:

is finaly complete!

The output amplifier that I was fiddling with ended up as an Analogue Devices AD8008, which I ended up mounting on a kind of break out board that I had:

You can see how this helps with the "ugly" construction and the use of SMD devices. I can't remember where I got this break out type board from, but it certainly came in useful here!

Many, many moons ago I built myself an QRP ATU, and now I have it permanently hooked up between this beacon and a cheap vertical HF antenna I have slung up against the side of the house. So the setup looks like this:

The WSPR and QRSS beacon is written in C for Arduino:

and I've made quite a few changes to the source code which can be found here in anyone is interested:

I've got this hooked up to a GPS module which is sitting in the window of the shack, this is providing the timing data to the WSPR and QRSS beacon. Currently I've got it running on 30M and will be doing some checks for reports in the near future. It's utputting a stagering 20mW!!!!

I've also started (well nearly finided) re-writting the code for my recent DDS project in Arduino; I was never quite happy with the way that ended up, so using my new found C skills I have written (from scratch) the DDS control software.

The original project is here:

The functionality is the same as before, it's just that it works better and I have a much better understanding of how it works.

The source code for this is here:

I can claim some originality in this one!

Here's the inside of the replacement DDS, you can see that it's now Arduino based:

Please excuse the clothes pegs; they are just holding bits in place whilst the glue dries. I'll post again about this piece of work once completed. It's kind of soak testing right now as there is a calibration routine included to adjust the DDS for any misalignment in the frequency output due to clock inaccuracies.

All good though, egh?

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